Final Greeting (this time around) (今回の)最後のご挨拶

March has been an incredibly eventful month. Much has happened that I wanted to write about, but I just couldn’t find the time to do so. Even “Today’s Kotowaza” and “Senryû of the Week” have been on temporary hiatus. Please accept my apologies for falling off the radar.

After returning from Canada and Tokyo (and Yamanashi), all of my time has been devoted to preparing for my move back to the United States. That’s right, my final day in Japan this time around will be March 30. I am just about finished packing, have given my house a good cleaning, and have said most of my goodbyes.

The day before I leave (tomorrow) has been set aside to say my most important goodbye, and thank you. This will be with Somemaru, who has done so much for me over the past 18 months. I will go to his house tomorrow, and, in the evening, he will send me off in style by holding a send-off party in my honor.

I will be moving to Portland, Oregon (my home state). I promise to commence posting regularly once I have settled in. Thank you for your continued visits to Kamigata Rakugo and Me.

3月はまことに慌ただしい一ヶ月でした。様々な出来事について記事を書きたかったのですが、書く時間はどうもできませんでした。「今日のことわざ」(Today’s Kotowaza)と「今週の川柳」(This Week’s Senryû) までも一時的な中断にしないといけませんでした。本当に申し訳ございません。





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