Waiting for Slow Cargo Ships 低速貨物船待ち

Before I moved home to Oregon, I shipped home all the books that I collected while in Japan. The woman at the post office told me it would take one to three months for them to arrive. This is a long time, but sending them by slow ship saved me more than $1000USD, compared to going with FedEx, etc. That’s me I guess, always trying to save a buck… After I sent them, I checked the tracking number online just about every day, wondering if they would EVER arrive.

And here we are, today, almost two months later.

My books arrived!! Well, two out of three boxes did anyway. When I inquired with the employee at my neighborhood post office, she put me at ease by saying, “Oh, that’s normal. The last box should be here by next week.”

One thing that I am extremely happy about is that the most important book (my personal treasure) arrived with today’s delivery. I even made my parents hold it and pose for a picture…

All right, now I’m really ready to get down to business with my writing!

(I just hope that last box arrives without a hitch…)








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