Japanese “Vaudeville” in English 英語ジャパニーズ「ボードビル」

My, how time flies. Four weeks have passed and the show is tomorrow. If you are in Portland, come get out of the heat to enjoy some air conditioning, and An Evening of Japanese Vaudeville!


Map to Lincoln Hall 会場への地図

This show is the final installment of Japan in Motion 2012, co-sponsored by the PSU Departments of Music, Theatre and Film, and World Languages and Literatures, and generously supported by Shookai of Portland and P&A Metal Fab Incorporated.

Please visit www.pdx.edu/cjs for information on future events or to support PSU’s Center for Japanese Studies.


2 thoughts on “Japanese “Vaudeville” in English 英語ジャパニーズ「ボードビル」

  1. 元気そうで なによりです!

    日本の夏は、今年は特に蒸し暑く 大変です。

    また 会いたいね。

    コメント サンキュー!


    • 染弥さん

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