One-sided Introduction 一方的な紹介

With high-quality translations of articles and interviews into multiple languages, the relatively new website is a great resource for Japanese and non-Japanese alike.

For better or worse, in general, Tokyo gets more attention than Osaka around the world. This seems to be the way is going too. I am thrilled that they did an interview with Tokyo rakugoka Hayashiya Shôzo, but, once again, Kamigata Rakugo (and Kansai) is left completely out of the equation. It is not even mentioned. Readers who do not know rakugo therefore walk away knowing nothing of the Kamigata tradition, which is quite different from the Edo/Tokyo one. Readers won’t learn the two traditions have different histories and styles, that their repertoires are different although they hold many of the “same” stories.

I truly hope that follows up with a “Part II” to this interview by featuring one of the top tellers of Kamigata rakugo. Only then will their target readership get the full story.

My harsh critique notwithstanding, I do recommend the interview in any language, so long as readers keep in mind that there is an older tradition of rakugo (hanashi) in the Kamigata, that it is a strikingly different art with many more bells and whistles.






2 thoughts on “One-sided Introduction 一方的な紹介

  1. Thanks very much for the comments on our interview! I don’t believe we have another interview in this same area in the works right now, but I have noted your ideas and forwarded them to other people in our organization who should see them. We may be in touch at some point to bounce some ideas off of you . . .

    • Mr. Durfee,

      Thank you kindly for your reply.

      I enjoy reading, and have had a link up to your site for my readers for some time.

      It would be wonderful if you did a feature on Kamigata rakugo, and I would be happy if I could ever be of any assistance.

      Best regards,

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