“I’m happy he’s better! o(^-^)o”「お元気になられてよかった o(^-^)o」

Hayashiya ichimonkai Jan. 2013Since the beginning of November, Somemaru has been working hard every day to make a full recovery from his stroke. His hard work has paid off. On January 12, Somemaru delighted a packed audience with one of his favorite stories at the Hayashiya School New Year Showcase.

I was happy to read Tweets from fans who attended the show, like the following:

@kumakosuki The “Hayashiya School New Year Showcase” at the Hanjôtei just ended. Master Somemaru was headliner. Compared to before, his articulation was just a tiny bit… but as he kept talking I completely stopped noticing. He was thoroughly amusing, and his melodies were superb. Niban senji lasted a full 30 minutes and was full of laughs. I’m happy he’s better! o(^-^)o

After the show, Somemaru wrote the following in his blog, Nikikishi.

Appreciation for a Full House at Our Showcase (January 13, 2013)

Yesterday our ichimon-kai was so packed that they had to put out extra seating. I would like to extend my warm thanks to my fans for all their support. Unfortunately, I caught a cold before the show, so I should apologize for my voice being a little hoarse. Thanks to so many loud shouts of encouragement, I was finally able to make it through a story. As I pushed on in a loud voice, for some reason, I started sounding kind of like Master Shokaku VI.¹ Master Shokaku looked after me from the time I was young, so maybe he had come back and was on my shoulder saying, “Hey, get with the program!”

. . .  Today the professional sumo tournament got underway. My, the wrestlers seem especially spirited on day one. Like them, I will keep at it, driving forward in full force. Thank you for your continued cheers of support in 2013.

I am very happy that Somemaru is better, and I am extremely excited that I will be able to see him again next month.



@kumakosuki: 繁昌亭での『新春林家一門顔見世興行』終わり~トリの染丸師匠はほんの、ほんのすこぅし以前に比べ滑舌が… 話し進むうちに全く気にならなくなって、ほこほこ面白く節回し見事で笑いいっぱいの「二番煎じ」を30分たっぷり。お元気になられてよかったo(^-^)o



昨日の一門会には補助席を出すほどの大入ご贔屓を賜わり厚く御礼申し上げます。私が風邪を引いてしまいまして、ちょっと声が枯れかけて申し訳ないことでした。皆さんの大きな声援に支えられてやっと一席終えることができました。頑張って大きな声をはりあげてやってますと、何故か六代目松鶴師匠みたいな感じになりました.¹  若いときから可愛がっていただいた松鶴師匠が『おいしっかりせえよ』と私の肩に乗り移って下さったのかもしれません。

. . . 今日から大相撲初場所が始まりました。何か初場所初日のお相撲さんはとても気合が入ってるように感じました。私もしっかり気合を入れて頑張っていきます。どうぞ今年もご声援よろしくお願い致します。


¹ Shôfukutei Shokaku VI (1918-86) has been dubbed one of the four greats (shitennô) of post-World War II Kamigata rakugo. 六代目笑福亭松鶴 (1918-86) は、戦後上方落語の四天王の一人といわれる。


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