With Knowledge Comes Joy 知るは喜びなり

Kakejiku by SomemaruOne of my greatest treasures is a hanging scroll (kakejiku) that Somemaru presented me with prior to my leaving Japan last March.

Somemaru has an incredible collection of kakejiku, so, when he gave me a long rectangular box wrapped in crêpe silk before I left, I wondered if it might not be a one from his collection. I opened the box and found a kakejiku, but I could not have been more surprised by what I saw!

The artist was Somemaru, and the subject was ME!

I couldn’t find the words to say…

I was so touched that I felt as if I was going to cry.

I love the work in general, but I especially appreciate the peacefulness with which Somemaru painted me. While my lips seem to be anticipating something, there is a perfect serenity to my eyes.

Sometimes, when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, I like to gaze at this kakejiku. I admit that it is somewhat strange to gaze at myself, but this piece of art feels like a mirror that reflects something deeper, something more meaningful than an actual mirror might.

Somemaru’s art presents me in an emotional state of mind that I would like to arrive at.

The Japanese reads, “With Knowledge Comes Joy” (Shiru wa yorokobi nari). Since I am still in the middle of my learning, this is perfect.

This is a truly meaningful gift which I shall always treasure.

Thank you again Master Somemaru.


師匠はすばらしい掛け軸のコレクションを持っていらっしゃいますが、出発する前にちりめんに巻かれた長方形の箱を渡してくださったときは、「えっ!もしかして〜」と思いました。箱を開けますと、掛け軸でしたが、それを拝見し とってもビックリしました。











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