“The Sensei” 「ザ・センセイ」

shores sensei by takacheeI am lucky to have another group of talented students, this time for the course Traditional Japanese Drama.

Last year the final project for this course was a kabuki production, which I directed the hayashi ensemble and played ozatsuma shamisen for. This year I was planning on making kyôgen the centerpiece of our show Drama, Dance, Drums, but, since I’ve got such a great group, we’re going to take on even more.

In addition to two kyôgen plays, we are  going to do a kyôgen dance (komai), a kouta (“little song”) accompanied by shamisen, a comical folk dance called Dojô sukui (Loach Fisher), a nô-butô dance fusion, and rakugo. And, believe it or not, there will be even more. My co-director and his students will be putting on several taiko and buyô numbers, including a lion dance (shishimai). We are all very excited for the show, and it is a great pleasure to teach such a course.

We have our formal rehearsal sessions on Friday afternoons. While one student was waiting for her rehearsal time, she apparently painted me from the side. I had no idea she was doing this, but was pleasantly surprised when she shared the work with me. The work (above) is titled “The Sensei.” You can see more of her work at this site.

We have about six more weeks until our recital on June 6, and we hope to see you there!







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