Volunteer Spirit, Shôfukutei Kakushô ボランティアスピリッツ、笑福亭鶴笑

Shôfukutei Kakushô (photo property of Machida Kezai Shinbun)I’ve met Shôfukutei Kakushô a couple of times in the dressing room at the Hanjôtei. He has always struck me as a man with a special spirit. A special energy. The last time I saw him he was just about to leave for a performance in Iraq!

The other day I read this Sankei News article about him (my translation).

Puppet Rakugoka Shôkufutei Kakushô Talk, “Enjoy Life” (Jinsei o tanoshinde)


May 24, 2013

 On May 23, Shôfukutei Kakushô (53), a rakugoka who uses puppets to perform “puppet rakugo,” gave a talk titled “It is never to late to start doing something.” His audience consisted of approximately 300 administrators and parents affiliated with the city’s kindergarten.

Kakushô is the progenitor of “puppet rakugo.” He has traveled to some 80 cities in 30 countries, including Iraq. He has also volunteered at more than 100 welfare institutions in various Japanese prefectures.

At his talk, he told the audience about his decision at age 40 to move abroad with his family as he underwent artistic training [shûgyô]. “Both my wife–who was going through a bit of depression–and elementary-school-age daughter made some amazing changes,” said Kakushô. “Life can be fun when you change your environs. I’d love for all parents to be able to come out of their shell and raise their children with upbeat enthusiasm.”

Shôfukutei Kakushô (photo property of yoshimoto.news.laff.jp)Kakushô also performed puppet rakugo and “Nanjing bead curtain” [Nankin tamasudare †] bits and had the audience rolling with laughter multiple times. Following this he called out once more to the crowd, proclaiming “It’s never to late to start something new! You can do anything! Please, have a fun life!

Kakushô-san, thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and your wide-ranging volunteerism!

Nankin tamasudare is a traditional street performance in which the performer transforms a specially-made bamboo screen into various shapes while chanting an accompanying poem.



パペット落語家・笑福亭鶴笑さん講演 「人生を楽しんで」 


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