Show This Week いよいよ今週!

Vanguard article by Megan Fresh, May 30, 2013The Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University will present a show co-directed by Prof. Wynn Kiyama and myself, featuring a talented group of students in a grand showcase of Japanese performing arts.

Our students have worked very hard this term and are just about ready to go on! The show — DRAMA! DANCE! DRUMS! — is this week, and it is going to be a good one!

The show will include the following:

  • Komai (kyôgen dance)
  • Kouta (“little songs” with shamisen accompaniment)
  • Kyôgen (medieval farce)
  • Manzai (two-person stand-up comedy)
  • Nihon buyô (traditional dance)
  • Nô & butô dance fusion (a mix of medieval and modern)
  • Rakugo
  • Taiko (group drumming)

Drama! Dance! Drums! is on Thursday June 6, 2013 in the Recital Hall (rm. 75) at PSU’s Lincoln Hall. The show starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. FREE and open to the public.

We are getting great press for the show, and seats are limited. Be sure to arrive a little early for a memorable evening of Japanese performing arts!

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今学期、生徒さんはお稽古など一生懸命頑張り、舞台に出る準備はほとんどオーケーです。ショーは「演劇!踊!太鼓!」(DRAMA! DANCE! DRUMS!) と言いまして、とても楽しい一時となると思います。


  • 小舞
  • 小唄
  • 狂言
  • 漫才
  • 日本舞踊
  • 能と舞踏のフュージョン
  • 落語
  • 組太鼓


Drama! Dance! Drums! は2013年6月6日(木)の午後7時30分に開演いたします。会場はポートランド州立大学のキャンパス内にあるリンカーンホールの中のリサイタルホール(75号室)です。入場無料。


続きはこちら→ 「生徒が先生を育てる」

Drama Dance Drums flyer

Flyer チラシ


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