Students Make Teachers 生徒が先生を育てる

Curtain call 6.6.2013

In his book Kamigata rakugo wa doko e yuku (Where Will Kamigata Rakugo Go?), Katsura Fukudanji (1940-) writes that “it takes at least three days to prepare for a rakugo show.” Three days…  I suppose this is one of the things that separates professionals from amateurs.

Yobikoe (kyôgen)It took my students and I about seven weeks to prepare for our recent show, Drama! Dance! Drums! Granted, for most, it was their first time doing anything on stage, let alone Japanese performing arts. There were many firsts for me too. Still, we were able to bring everything together and give the audience a fast-paced and entertaining show.

My students made me very proud.

Dojô sukuiAnd they taught me a great deal about being a teacher. They asked terrific questions throughout the term that pushed me to be better informed about Japanese drama and music.

I hope my students learned as much as I did in the course of the term.

Great work everyone (otsukaresama deshita)!

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Rakugo 6.6.2013「上方落語はどこへ行く」という本の中に桂福団治師匠 (1940-) が、「ひとつの会をするのに、三日はかかる…」と書きました。三日…  これはプロの素人の違いの一つでしょうね。



Komai (Kaminari)それに、「先生」という役割について色々と気づかせてくれました。毎日とてもいい質問を聞いたり、日本の演劇や音楽などについてもうちょっと説明できるように考えさせてくれました。



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nihon.buyo2 Karakasa (kouta)Shibiri (kyôgen) ShishimaiNoh-butoh fusion Nihon buyôManzai Taiko


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