Children Cute, Straightforward かわいい子ども、正直もの

Rakugo at International School, PortlandRecently it crossed my mind, children are so cute.

Last week I performed rakugo for two groups at the International School in Portland. The first group consisted of ages 3-6, the second ages 7-10. I thought it would be best to do a story that is both easy to follow and has a lot of gestures (shigusa), so I performed “The Zoo” (Dôbutsuen).

During the makura, we did animal voices/calls, and I asked the children about their dreams, and jobs they would like to do in the future. Children have incredible imaginations, and they are quite good at mimicking.

And boy are they straightforward.

At the get-go I said, “I am going to tell you a funny story today!” but, during the makura, 3 or 4 children blurted out, “When are you going to tell us the story?” and “Hurry up!” …

Once I got into the story proper, I was amazed at how well they concentrated. They laughed at all the funny parts, and if something seemed somewhat strange, they let me know it with a, “Wha〜t?!”

Performing rakugo is ALWAYS enjoyable for me, but my most recent audiences–children–were so honest and pure, and they left quite an impression on me.

Now, if you ask me if I am ready for children of my own, hmm, I don’t know about that… I think I may lack still the confidence. After all, I was more than a handful for my folks. I have been able to gather that the job of parent is a tough one, indeed.

Instead, I’ll play with other people’s children.

And I would love to perform rakugo for them again.


先週、ポートランドにあるインターナショナル・スクールで二組に英語落語を演らせていただきました。最初のグループは3~6歳で、その次は7〜10歳のグループでした。分かりやすい、仕草の多い演目がいいと思って、 「動物園」にさせていただきました。






自分の子どもがほしくなったかいと言われたら、いや、それはどうでしょう。自信はまだちょっと… 僕は悪い子だったので、親という仕事はどれほど大変か、ちょっと分かるような気がします。




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