Beichô Jûhachiban 米朝十八番

Beichô jûhachiban flyerWhen I am in Japan, one of my favorite pastimes is browsing in used book stores. I am always on the lookout for old books about rakugo and related subjects.

Sometimes these old books come with little treasures, for instance, notes and letters written by rakugo fans, scholars, and even hanashika. Sometimes I also find old yose tickets and show flyers (chirashi).

On my last trip to Japan I went hunting for old books in Kanda. In one of my purchases I found a chirashi for one of Katsura Beichô III’s (1925-, Living National Treasure) solo showcases (dokuenkai), a six-day series titled Beichô jûhachiban (Beichô’s [Best] Eighteen).

Thereon, a young and handsome Beichô appears in four close-up shots. According to the chirashi, he performed three different stories each night, six nights in a row. Two pupils (also listed) appeared with him at each show. The venue was Sankei Hall (Nishi-Umeda, Osaka), and shows were July 3 – 9. Unfortunately, the year is not listed. I wonder what year this was…

Tickets for these shows cost ¥1000 or ¥800, and an all-show pass was available for ¥5400.

A rather interesting find.








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