“Somemaru Will Be Back”「また染丸は復活するで」

For the last month, fans have been expressing concern for Somemaru because he had to miss a few shows, and has not been posting on his blog. The reason for his prolonged silence was not clear, but numerous people have been wishing Somemaru well in blog posts and on social media sites.  I have known for a few weeks that Somemaru was back in the hospital, but, to respect his privacy, I decided not mention it on my blog.

Somemaru is now home from the hospital. The following is his first blog post since being released.

IT’S BEEN A WHILE (Ohisashiburi desu).

Somemaru in hospital - property of Hayashiya SomemaruI’ve taken quite a hiatus from my blog.

Actually, I had further symptoms of a cerebral infarction, and was hospitalized for a third time. After a month of examinations, I was finally released on July 19. It’s now that my true rehabilitation begins. I plan on keeping a very close eye on my health, so I can see all my fans again.

This is a picture of all the doctors who cared for me at the National Circulatory Organ Research Center. I have quite a few stories about things that happened while there, so please keep an eye out for those in posts on my blog. 

Last night, to celebrate getting out of the hospital, I got together with a group that visited regularly, mainly my deshi. We had hamo [pike conger] hotpot. It sure was nice to have dinner in my own home after so long. 

I am still a bit shaky on my feet, but today I begin the battle with myself. And you can bet that Somemaru will be back. 

Somemaru-shishô, please don’t overdo it — take it easy. I’ll be thinking of you, wishing for your quick recovery.









師匠、 あまり無理しませんよう、ごゆっくりなさってくださいませ。一日も速くご回復なされますようお祈り申し上げます。


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