New Town 新しい町

Fox & CatI am getting settled in Tokyo. I love my new place and neighborhood. Over the past few days I have explored the area on foot. Here are a few pictures I took in the Nezu area and beyond.

On Saturday I walked to Yanaka, Ueno Park, Ochanomizu, Akihabara, Kanda Jinbochô, then back to Nezu, covering a distance of almost 10 miles (16km)! I will be able to cover more ground once I have a bike.

Rakugo CafeIn Jinbochô I stopped by the Rakugo Cafe, which was closed for preparations for an evening rakugo show. It was posted that there were still tickets available, so I inquired about the price. ¥2500 (about $25). Too expensive for such a small venue, and only two hanashika performing. It seems that rakugo is getting more expensive with each passing year. Great for hanashika, too bad for regular folks.

On my way home, I stopped for tonkatsu teishoku (pork cutlets served with rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickles) and a bottle of Kirin beer. Half the price of the rakugokai, just no laughs.

Loving Tokyo so far.

Nezu 1-chôme東京の生活にどんどん落ち着いてきました。新しい部屋も近所も、とても気に入っています。数日前から、散歩をして街を冒険しています。撮った写真を何枚かお見せしましょう。


Hongo 5-chôme神保町でらくごカフェ(上)に寄ってみましたが、落語会の準備で閉まっていた。当日券はまだあったので、スタフにその値段を聞いてみたら、なんと2500円だと。小さい会場、そして二人会には少々高いですね… 年を追うごとに落語が高くなっている気がします。噺家にはとてもいいことですが、大衆には残念。




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