Big Names in Tokyo Rakugo & Setta 東京落語の名跡と雪駄

Seta from shop in Yanaka GinzaIt turns out that some prominent Tokyo rakugoka lived in my neighborhood. San’yûtei Enchô (1839-1900) lived about ten minutes from my place, as did Kokontei Shinshô V (1890-1973) and Kokontei Shinchô III (1938-2001). There are doubtless others, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other rakugoka still live in this great old area of town.

I stopped at a Japanese sandal shop in the Yanaka Ginza yesterday and had a nice conversation with the owner. She is the fourth-generation owner/ sandal maker, and the shop has been there for more than a hundred years. If I remember correctly, she said it was established in Meiji 24 (1891). She said many rakugoka buy their sandals (setta) here, so I decided this would be a good place to get a new pair, too.

I also bought a pair of geta at this shop!

僕が今住んでいる近所に、有名な東京落語家が住んでいたということが分かりました。僕の部屋から10分ぐらい行ったところに、三遊亭 圓朝 (1839-1900)をはじめ、5代目古今亭 志ん生 (1890-1973)も3代目古今亭 志ん朝 (1938-2001)も住んでいたらしい。とても雰囲気のいい古い下町で、他にも住んでいたでしょう。今もすんでいると言われたらびっくりしませんね。




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