Katsura Beichô and the Kamigata Rakugo Miracle「桂米朝と上方落語の奇蹟」

Photo property of: http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_堀井憲一郎_000000000393159/item_桂米朝と上方落語の奇蹟_5495836Kamigata hanashika Katsura Beichô (87), a Living National Treasure (Ningen kokuhô) — a popular term for those individuals certified as Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (Jūyō mukei bunkazai hojisha) — checked into a hospital at the end of August to undergo treatment for pneumonia. I read news this afternoon that he was at last discharged. I am relieved to hear that he is doing better health-wise.

Beichô was in the news for an unrelated matter recently.

The publisher Kôdansha was set early this month to begin selling the book Katsura Beichô to Kamigata rakugo no kiseki (Katsura Beichô and the Kamigata Rakugo Miracle) by columnist Horî Ken’ichirô, but it’s release was suddenly canceled. Kôdansha released a statement saying that the company “received report from a concerned party that details were not reported factually.” The book was supposed to focus on Katsura Beichô’s personal life and Kamigata rakugo.

Kôdansha also reported that it had finished running the first 5,000 copies (x¥1,680 = ¥8,400,000) by the end of September, when it was contacted by a person affiliated with Beichô. The company initially postponed the release of the book until mid-October, but ultimately decided to cancel publication altogether. Kôdansha said that they are not at liberty to disclose what was disputed about the book.

This week there has been nonstop buzz on blogs, social networking sites, and discussion threads about what could have been in the book that prompted its cancellation. Not few are speculating that it might be something from Beichô’s past that does not mesh well with the his current image, which his office Beichô Jimusho, and devotees have worked to bolster since he was designated Ningen kokuhô in the mid-1990s. Of course, this is only speculation.

I am very curious about what was in Horî Ken’ichirô’s book.

I wish I could get my hands on one of the 5,000 copies…

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Photo property of: http://photo.matomill.com/author=堀井憲一郎上方の噺家で人間国宝(重要無形文化財保持者)の桂米朝師匠(87)は、肺炎の治療を受けるため、8月下旬から入院していましたが、今日の午後やっと退院できたというニュースを見ました。米朝師匠が元気になられて、本当によかったです。


講談社は10月初旬に発売を予定していた、コラムニスト堀井憲一郎さんの著書「桂米朝と上方落語の奇蹟」の出版を中止したと発表しました。講談社によると、「本の記述に対し、事実と違うと関係者から指摘を受けたため」に出版を中止したとありました。本の内容ですが、 米朝師匠の人生を中心にし、上方落語についてまとめた本であったそうです。

講談社の広報室によると、初版5000部 (x 1,680円 = 8,400,000円) が刷り上がっていた9月末、 米朝師匠の関係者から指摘がありました。その後、いったん発売を10月中旬に延期しましたが、最終的に出版中止を決めたそうです。指摘された内容については「明かせない」としています。




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