Perfect Rakugo Day パーフェクトらくごデー

Dourakutei (yose)Today I went to the Dôrakutei (yose) as planned.

I was happy to run into Katsura Asakichi outside before the show. It had been at least a year since I last spoke with him.

Dôrakutei is a great yose for a number of reasons, perhaps the most important one being that it is small. It is not a traditional yose, but its size is ideal for enjoying rakugo. It seats no more than 100 people, and hanashika do not use a microphone. Listeners can get an up close and personal experience with a wide range of professionals, from young newcomers to respected masters.

Today was a nice mix of hanashika. As far as the stories went, it was a perfect rakugo day. Why perfect? Because all stories told today were time-tested classics (koten rakugo). New stories (sôsaku/shinsaku rakugo) can be good, but I prefer koten. So, today was quite a treat.

Today’s lineup:

Katsura Marisuke: Hyôgo bune (The Hyôgo Ferry), first half

Katsura Manga: Nedoko ([That’s My] Bed), first half

Katsura Beishi: Mukôzuke (Self-Registration [at a Funeral])

Katsura Asakichi: Tensai (Natural Calamities)

Intermission (naka’iri)

Katsura Shiodai: Yuyaban (Public Bathhouse Attendant)

Katsura Bunnosuke: Shiri mochi (Butt Rice Cakes)






桂鞠輔 「兵庫舟」 前半

桂まん我 「寝床」 前半

桂米紫 「向う付け」

桂あさ吉 「天災」


桂塩鯛 「湯屋番」

桂文之助 「尻餅」



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