Waseda Yose わせだ寄席

83rd Waseda YoseYesterday I went to listen to rakugo at the 83rd Waseda Yose.

According to the Waseda University Rakugo Research Club’s (Waseda daigaku rakugo kenkyû kai) official homepage, the club has hosted one to two professional rakugo shows a year since 1954, in hopes of sharing the fun of rakugo with students. Originally called the Rakugo Kenkyû Kai, the show was later renamed Waseda Yose.

83rd Waseda Yose lineup

I could see that the Waseda Yose is a full-fledged yose program, and seats at the 83rd show were just about packed. There were four rakugo performances and one iromono act. The entire program was entertaining, but the best of all was Katsura Nankyô’s (a rakugo veteran of 50 years) telling of the story “Belly Drum” (Taiko bara).

Wonderful show, everyone!






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