Thank You Very Much 大きにありがとうございました。

Last month I went to Hawaii to defend my dissertation and I am happy to report that everything went well. It is hard to believe that my life as a graduate student has finally come to an end. Though I am sad to write it, I think now is the best time to move on from Kamigata Rakugo & Me and being the next chapter in my life.

I would like to thank all of my readers from around the globe. Thank you for letting me share with you Kamigata rakugo and other things related to Japan.

Though I won’t be posting here at Kamigata Rakugo & Me, I will continue posting from time to time on Facebook and Twitter.



これからは「上方落語と僕」でブログ更新する予定はないと思いますが、Facebook と Twitter で時々呟き続けます。


Spring in Ueno 上野の春

Ueno Park April 2014Today I took a walk through Ueno Park, very close to where I live. Since last week there have been all kinds of people, Japanese and non-Japanese, flocking to the park for cherry blossom viewing.

It seems like there are more birds out too. The common gulls (Larus canus) are now out in addition to the slightly smaller black-headed gulls (Larus ridibundus) that can usually be seen at Shinobazu Pond. They’re all getting along quite nicely. Pretty soon the insects will be back too. Spring is here!

Parties on Blue Tarps, Ueno ParkDrinking sake and nibbling on food under the blossoms sure is nice. Today too, parties were sitting on their blue tarps, cheerfully carrying on. I noticed that everybody takes their shoes off before sitting on the tarps. I suppose it’s best to keep the area clean and cozy since some people end up drinking too much and falling asleep.

Common and Black-headed Gulls, Shinobazu PondJapan sure is nice in spring.


Ueno Park, 2014人間だけじゃなく、鳥も増えている気がします。ちなみに、不忍池にいつも見かけるユリカモメだけじゃなく、もうちょっと大きいカモメも来ています。皆仲良くやっているみたいです。もう少ししたら虫も出てくるでしょう。(おけら、毛虫、ゲジ〜 ♪)春ですね。

Ueno Park, April 2014花の下でお酒を飲んだり、つまみ食いをしたりするというのはいいですね。今日も、ブルーシートの上に座る皆さんがとても陽気でいい感じでした。一つ気づいたことがあって、皆ブルーシートに座る前に靴をちゃんと脱ぐんですね。まあ、飲み過ぎて寝てしまう方もいるので、きれいに気持ちよくやった方がいいですね。


Experiment Results 実験結果

I’m back in Tokyo.

Although I was hoping to find something, I did not come across a single thing that was rakugo related on my way from Portland to my Tokyo apartment. I might add, however, I did not find anything to do with traditional Japanese performing arts (eg., nô, kyôgen, kabuki, bunraku, etc.) either.

Unlike Japan Airlines and ANA, Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to offer Japanese comedy (rakugo, manzai, comic variety programs) on their flights to Japan. They do have a selection of Japanese movies though…

Fortunately, I did bring a rakugo book with me, so I was not completely without rakugo on the flight.





International Rakugo Experiment 国際落語実験

I am going to return to Tokyo today.

I will take a direct flight from Portland International to Narita International Airport.

Rakugo is a big part of my life because I am interested in the art and I actively seek it out. I wonder, though, how long would it take one to see or hear something rakugo related if s/he didn’t seek it out?

Today I will conduct an experiment from the moment I take off from Portland until I arrive at my Bunkyô-ku apartment. Will I come across anything rakugo related on my journey? I will let you know after I get home tomorrow. See you then!